Herbed Meatballs


I’ve been on a meatball kick lately.

Made these a few months ago, stashed a few in the freezer and quickly depleted that stash. Last time I made these I used Italian sausage and I guess for that reason I felt I needed to eat them Italian style with Sunday gravy, also known as tomato sauce.

They were awesome, but they are also equally awesome on their own, served with some roasted kale and potatoes or just as snack food – there is a football game this weekend you know!

A few things to note for this recipe. DO not substitute dried herbs here. The brightness of flavor – and color- of the fresh herbs really makes these stand out from your everyday ball of meat!

If you do use sausage instead of ground pork, then I would go easy on any additional salt. If you’ve never made meatballs before and you are wondering how to check those seasonings – and I highly recommend that you do so – just heat a pan over med-high heat, take a small round of the meat mixture and form a mini patty, cook it up, taste, adjust seasonings as necessary.

Another key, DO NOT over mix. I know you’ve heard this a thousand times if you’ve ever watched a cooking show, but the idea is to create a bite that is fluffy and light in texture bursting with flavor. This is not a mini burger. It should not be heavy and dense! And hands are the best tool around for this.



1 lb ground beef

1 lb ground pork or Italian sausage

2 eggs, lightly beated

1/3 cup almond flour

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated

1/2 bunch fresh parsley, chopped

1/2  bunch fresh cilantro, chopped OR basil

3-4 TB fresh oregano, chopped

3 green onions, chopped, including greens

1/4 cup half & half or milk

red pepper flakes, to taste

smoked salt, to taste

pepper, to taste

In large bowl, combine all ingredients, mix gently with your hands until combined.

Using a small cookie scoop, form 2-inch meatballs and place on a large baking sheet. I stick them in the fridge for 30 minutes or so before cooking, or freezing, this helps them hold a round shape instead of flattening out.

You can pan fry or bake these. If baking, cook at 375 for 20-30 minutes. For pan frying, cook until well-browned on all sides.




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One thought on “Herbed Meatballs

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