20 Weeks of Eating Local



Multiple lettuces, two kinds of beets, crazy radishes and some fennel tucked in the corner!

My CSA from New Earth Farm starts this Friday and with it an experiment.

For 20 weeks I am going to do my best to eat as locally as I can. My weekly CSA includes an egg share, I live next door to a local produce market, I have an extensive friendship garden growing like gangbusters at a friend’s house (see photos) and a plethera of herbs growing in the window boxes rimming my balcony railing.

So here’s the layout. I live in a 700-square foot apartment. My balcony faces east but is mostly blocked from the sun by another building and a large oak tree. This is great for privacy, not so great for “farming”! I have four 30-inch x 7-inch window boxes hanging from my balcony. I do get a fair amount of dappled sunlight for a few hours in the morning and the herbs seem to be thriving on this so far.

As things progress I will buy all of my meat through butchers that source locally.


Three kinds of onions and peppers

So follow along and I’ll try to keep you entertained with the challenges faced, things I had to go elsewhere for and, of course, recipes!

I consider this an experiment in sustainability, eating seasonally and locally. We are so used to having access to things 365 days a year, I’m not sure many of us even know what eating seasonally looks like.

This is also certain to test my creativity, but I expect a lot of fun along the way!

Of course tomatoes and some pole beans.

Of course tomatoes and some pole beans.


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